Covered Bridges Near Hopewell Croft


There are several covered bridges near Hopewell Croft.

The Harshaville Bridge, a kingpost and arch type bridge, was built in 1855.  It is on Grace’s Run Road, east of Highway 247, south of Route 32.  This bridge is about 30 minutes from Hopewell Croft on one of the routes to Miller’s Amish Bakery.  Watch for horses and buggies.  The arch truss is impressive.  John Hunt Morgan’s raiding party crossed this bridge during their foray into Union territory in July, 1863. 

The North Pole Road Bridge crosses Eagle Creek, east of Ripley, about 25 minutes from Hopewell Croft.  It is a Smith truss type bridge, built in 1875.  The roads leading to this bridge are especially narrow and winding.  This bridge is downstream from Suck Run Road.

The George Miller Bridge south of Russellville is also a Smith truss type bridge, built in 1879.  It also crosses Eagle Creek, about 20 minutes from Hopewell Croft, between Rte. 125 and Rte. 62.  This bridge is upstream from Suck Run Road.

The Kirker Bridge no longer carries traffic.  It sits next to Highway 136, near Governor Kirker’s Farm and Zane’s Trace Road, only 10 minutes from Hopewell Croft.  A kingpost bridge, it was built in 1858.