The Land

At Hopewell Croft, the 70 acres brim with wildlife, birdsongs, cries of owls and hawks, and the incredible clear night sky.

Walk the trails to discover the treasures of country life in Adams County, Ohio: fossils, berries, mushrooms, and cool shady glens where you can relax, disconnect with the modern world and reconnect with nature. You can hunt for crayfish in the creek, but hunting anything else isn't permitted.

The terrain is very hilly. Enjoy the easy walks down, but be ready for a strenuous hike back up. Use caution crossing the creek. Do not attempt to cross if there is high water.

During deer hunting season, generally October through early December, hiking is restricted to the 15 acres north of the paved road. We advise guests to wear bright colors as a precaution.

While hunting is not permitted on the property, public hunting and fishing areas are nearby and we are happy to connect guests with a local guide.

The Labyrinth

Relax and clear your mind at the classic, cathedral-style, seven circuit labyrinth on the east lawn. A labyrinth is not a maze or a game. You can never get confused on the path. It is a place for meditation and reflection, as you navigate the physical path and search your spiritual core.

We invite you to add to the labyrinth paths using local fossil stones you find on the property. As stones are added, every visitor contributes to a sculpture that can live for generations and continue the local tradition of communal natural monuments. 

The Night Sky  

We are many miles away from the city lights so expect a starry spectacle.

Some tips to enjoy the experience:

• It will take about an hour for your eyes to adjust to the darkness.
• Bring a red astronomer's light or a flashlight covered with something red to find your way around outside.
Apps, such as Google SkyMap or StarWalk are very useful, but remember to set the brightness of your screen to its lowest to retain your night vision.
• Be prepared for cool breezes... and mosquitos, so bring insect repellant.
• Dew may collect, as the temperature drops. Leave the pillows and bedding inside.