Hopewell Croft

My father, George Pace, purchased Hopewell Croft in 1977.

Dad loved this land, the hills, the streams, the trees, and marveled at the “wolf-trees” on the hill south of the creek. When the wolf-trees were young, they grew wild and uncrowded in an open pasture, which allowed them to spread their branches, twist with the winds, and grow into giants.

We helped Dad survey and mark the property. We met with farmers up and down the road collecting signatures to petition Adams County for municipal water.

Though Dad loved Hopewell Croft, he had a house elsewhere, so the land was allowed to stay wild, untouched, as our family's special place. Over 36 years, what was pasture was replaced by a thick forest.

The name comes from the Hopewell Culture that lived in the area thousands of years ago. “Croft” is my Scottish grandmother’s name for a small farmstead.

In 2013, when Dad’s estate was settled, I received this parcel and a tractor. Of course, a tractor needs a shed, and a shed needs a house, so my children and I built this cabin.

My son, John Weigold, with the help of an outstanding professional crew, did much of the work to build this vacation rental cabin. His dad, David Weigold, even came out to help. It was a labor of love for the entire family.

We look forward to welcoming you into our home and sharing the peace and tranquility this land has offered our family all these years.

We hope you will love it, enjoy it, and respect it as much as we do. 

Innkeeper, Rebecca Pace